CoE, VNIT carry out various inter-disciplinary projects of combination of Communication & Embedded Systems i.e; Hybridization of Communication & Embedded Systems for –  

                    1) Assistive Technologies

            2) Security and Surveillance

            3) Education through ICT

            4) Healthcare

            5) Robotics

            6) Socio Economic Relevance

            7) Internet of Things (IoT)

Various Inter-disciplinary research projects have been undertaken under CoE, VNIT that includes involvement of Electronics & Communication Engineering department, Department of Architecture Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering department, Applied Mechanics dept, etc. Project on Acoustic Enhancement/ Optimizations of A Typical Lecture Hall, Smart Structures with failure alarm & adaptive control System, Design, development & Fabrication of humanoid robot with adaptive gripping capabilities, Development of camera based sensor for motion detection and its application for energy saving undertaken and on verge of completion.

     Other Collaborative Projects like, Online cattle health monitoring using temperature sensor and accelerometer and tracking using GPS with RFID, Ground Penetrating Radar, Blind Navigator, Prosthetic Leg, Glove Mouse, Face Recognition, etc are completed / in progress, Field trial of these projects are performed in regular intervals and patent for completed projects is filed.